At some point during a photo session, I have my client write a word on a stone – “soulstones” – is what I call them. Their word absolutely depends on what has transpired during the photo session. My intention is to guide people to help themselves, to give them permission to view life a little differently, to celebrate the realities of life, break stigmas, and to be a reminder to appreciate and accept who we are and what we have… Read more »

Having fun with words…what kinds of sentences can you come up with? egg-static egg-splore egg-stenuating egg-pect egg-plode egg-cess egg-stavagent egg-speriment egg-splosive egg-axtly egg-cellent egg-citing egg-stensive  Look at what this artist is doing with eggs. What can do with your eggs? Get inspired… Cracking good art: Chinese man creates intricate sculptures from EGG SHELLS Life happens – choose 2bepositive™ xo -kl