I have included some links for information and resources for World Suicide Prevention Day.  A big question is what can you do to make a difference? Many people fear if they bring up the topic of suicide with someone they are concerned about, and encourage them to seek help, it will make things worse. On the contrary, it is proven that your concern shows that person someone cares about them and is often helpful in preventing suicide.

• 90 percent of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death
• More than one in three people who die from suicide are intoxicated
• Among youth aged 15 to 24 suicide is the third leading cause of death.
• People above the age of 65 are at the greatest risk for death by suicide.
• While women are more likely to attempt suicide, men are approximately 4 times more likely to die by suicide

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)Please take the time to look over the information either for yourself or for someone you care about if there are any concerns of suicidal thoughts. Help is ALWAYS available - You are not alone in this.Life happens – choose 2bepositive™xo -kl

By: Allegra Cohenhappy_a
Happiness isn’t wanting for anything more or less. It’s in finding the stream of gratitude that runs through our veins in the present moment. It’s in the in-between of setting a goal and watching its successful completion. It’s in knowing that if the goal isn’t completed, it’s ok. It’s taking in the positive breath and breathing out what doesn’t feel right. It’s fully accepting where you are now—without judgement, just a peaceful understanding of life’s ebbs and flows.

2be or not 2be…

I choose 2be.



Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

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Unless you have an annual pass to Disneyland (which I do), most locals end up going when they have out of town visitors. I realized while I was people watching, that despite the fact everyone comes to Disneyland to enjoy different parts of the same experience, it seemed most people were either in their own world or complaining that they were not having as much fun as they should be! It made me wonder how many people truly chose to be there!

My son made an interesting observation:

There’s more people that are older, like your age (that’s ok, at least he didn’t say middle-aged) and they are here without kids…and they are the happiest


That’s the part that I was thinking about, as I do every time I walk through the “magical gates” wondering if visitors were expecting Tinkerbell’s Pixie Dust to transform their day. Yet it was true, the majority of people did not seem happy. I’m sure the heat of the day played a part, but what about the “E” word as we call it in our house. Expectations. How many times have we all heard...

“it’s Disneyland - the Happiest place on Earth! “You’re gonna have sooo much fun…it’s amaaaazing….we have been waiting the whole year…your cousins will be there…we are going to go on every ride…we’ll be the 1st ones in the park and the last ones to leave…I’d sleep there if I could… now remember, we’re not here to buy toys – there’s a lot to see and we paid a lot of money…”



It doesn’t matter what people think of you – it matters what you think of you. When I photograph my clients I have them choose a word that resonates with them at that moment, one which reflects what they are experiencing deep within.

This can only happen after trust is established, after they have let their guard down and realized this experinece is FOR them and ABOUT them. This is not to please anyone. Nor to prove anything. There is no right or wrong…it simply IS.

“Keren has the ability to make  everything seem effortless. That effortless feeling brought me to a relaxed state of mind, and that created the sensation of power.”


Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

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blessed blessed


Ssh! It’s a Secret! Well a “not-so-secret” Secret Society of Happy People.

Today, thousands of members from around the world join together to celebrate Happiness Happens month, which takes place during the entire month of August. The purpose of Happiness Happens Day (August 8th) and Month is to share happiness and encourage people to talk and think about happiness in their daily lives. Too often people wait for “the big happy”, searching and longing for what they think will make them happy, and forget about the many wonderful happy moments during each day.

“You can never have too much happy!”

says Pamela Gail founder of SOHP who has identified 31 Types of Happiness 

Before starting the Society I’m sure I tried virtually every “get happy” philosophy or how-to program available from the spiritual to the cognitive. I believed if I just did something better, smarter or faster, I’d be happy more often. While I certainly learned things in every program, none of them was going to make me happy all the time. I’ve always seen the silver lining in most situations, but apparently I didn’t want to have to look for a silver lining because life was always happy.

What I learned from my searching was that although you can’t be happy all of the time, you can be happy most of the time. If you want to be happy more, it’s easy — recognize more happiness that’s already happening.

After starting the Society I identified different types of happiness to make recognizing more happiness easier. Sometimes happiness is the relief and satisfaction we get when we finish cleaning the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s watching a child or pet do something that amuses us. Or sometimes it’s obvious such as going to a party. But, ultimately, happiness is about recognizing and experiencing moments of happiness when they happen. If you want to recognize more happiness, start by taking your Happiness Inventory? You’ll discover you have more happy moments than you recognize.

There is nothing stopping you from being happy – it is your choice, your attitude, your decision. Accept who you are…not who you wish to be; be grateful for what you do have…don’t focus on what you don’t have, and appreciate what you have been given, not desire that which is not yours. Remember Happiness Happens when you are aware of it, so take note of all the little moments that occur, and don’t forget to check out the 31 types of happiness! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting a different one everyday as a reminder. You might be surprised to realize you are experiencing all types of happiness! Please share it in the comments below – it makes me happy!

Life happens – choose 2behappy!

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

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“Have a good life” I heard her say.  I was standing in line at the optical department at Costco…uploading to my Instagram, and I looked up to see an older woman speaking to a teenager.


“I can help number 10″ an employee said. I was holding the little pink tab numbered 11. Oh great, not too much longer I thought.

“You know why I say have a good life?” she asked him. Now I was curious. I love to hear wise words of experience. “Because if you say have a good day, then it’s only one day, but if you say have a good life that covers every day, and I would like every day to be a good day for you.”  and she smiled at me and walked off.

Oh I just wanted to hug her!  My number was going to be called next…I had been waiting a while…but I had a choice to make, and actually it took all of 5 seconds. I could stand in line again, but I would never get this moment back  to talk to her.

I had the privilege of spending 20 minutes with …as she said “Bosh – just Bosh, it’s what my friends call me”  Age is a number,  and attitude is everything. Bosh is 85!  (more…)

Caroline contacted me in February and explained about her best friend’s critical motorcycle accident and the bake sale she was organizing at her work-Michelangelo Hair House, and asked if I would volunteer my time to photograph the weekend… and that’s how we became friends. I am amazed by both these young women. Caroline raised over $8000 at the bake sale, but more importantly the weekend was about strangers coming together as a community, to help someone they didn’t even know. I had the opportunity to learn what a special family Courtney has.Courtney Jones is an aspiring model and an active member of the 1916 Motorcycle and Car Club, co-founded by her parents, a group which produces numerous events each year to help benefit  local charities. Courtney has participated in each of these events, working side by side with her parents Sabina and Chris. Courtney Jones is probably the most positive, optimistic 23 year old I have come to know.  Her motorcycle accident on Sunday February 17, 2013 left her with life threatening injuries.  Although she has made a miraculous recovery,  the doctors at UCLA had no choice but to amputate both of her legs in order to save her life. Courtney has many challenges to face in recovering from this life altering accident, her greatest challenge will be overcoming the loss of her legs, and she is determined to do just that!
One can only imagine the long term financial consequences for Courtney and her family –  they need our help. The medical bills are enormous, prosthetic costs, physical therapy, home alteration, transportation, etc are just some of the many expenses. Any and all help is appreciated. Every dollar counts and every prayer helps, please spread the message, and let’s do all we can to help Courtney.David Givens, co-founder of 1916 MC/CC is organizing COURTNEY’S RIDE a benefit Motorcycle and Car show this Saturday. (more…)


Steven and I were having lunch one day when he said “If a lesson is not painful in life, do you really learn and grow from it?”

23 years ago Jill (not the real person) who was 12 yrs older than me told me I wasn’t ready for marriage as I hadn’t suffered enough, and my life was too easy. I may not have a good memory, but I remember that clearly because I remember through feelings. Surprise, confusion, sadness, empathy, compassion and understanding all hit me at the same time – for her…not for myself.How do we learn life lessons? How do we grow? What makes an individual change? Why do we stay stuck? Fear is at the core of most of it. Jill, who I didn’t know that well at the time, tried to project her fears onto me. I later learned she was afraid of marriage, commitment, change…and was looking for a reason why my choices were wrong by judging me on my age, upbringing, appearance and positive attitude.Everyone goes through challenges, we all have lessons to learn, and how we react to those lessons indicates whether or not we have actually learned our intended lesson. If you keep reacting the same way; and the same challenges keep happening, do you think you have learned? (more…)

At some point during a photo session, I have my client write a word on a stone – “soulstones” – is what I call them. Their word absolutely depends on what has transpired during the photo session. My intention is to guide people to help themselves, to give them permission to view life a little differently, to celebrate the realities of life, break stigmas, and to be a reminder to appreciate and accept who we are and what we have today.

I can’t change anyone. No one has that capability. I will, however, work with you, if you are ready and willing to change yourself. I will be here to hold the door open…it’s up to you to walk through it.

Below is Allegra Cohen’s story on her “Soulstone” Boundaries


Johnny says to Baby, in my all time favorite movie, Dirty Dancing, “Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.”

This was my first lesson in boundaries I can recall. I didn’t know it was called a boundary, but the meaning stayed with me.


Hold on, Pain ends -Hope

Conquer Fear

I will be adding a series of daily quotes “enCOURAGE Courtney” and I’m asking for your help. This incredibly strong, brave, inspirational young woman started rehab this week, having spent almost 4 months in ICU after a severe motorcycle accident. I don’t think any of us could begin to imagine the courage it must take to accept, heal and adjust to her new reality, without her legs.

Courtney needs all the positive energy, prayer, good wishes and support to help encourage her through this next stage of treatment. Please like, share and pass these quotes around as Courtney will see them and she should know how many people are behind her cheering !!!

Courtney – you are a ROCKSTAR!!!
With much respect, support and enCOURAGEment

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl