Is 2BePositive a charity or a non-profit organization?
Life happens – choose 2BePositive™ is neither a charity nor a non-profit organization. 2BePositive is a “for profit” company with our sole focus on charity.

Do you help a charity or cause?
Yes, we do, many. Our goal is to help spread awareness; end stigma; educate; share stories; inspire; connect and provide resources where possible. We empower and inspire individuals and families who are adjusting to a life altering event; learning to live life with an illness; or who may be in a critically sensitive situation.

Is my donation tax deductible?
No, Your donation is not tax deductible. The only tax deductible portion would be if you made an additional donation directly to the charity we are partnering with at a specific event.

How can my charity be a part of 2BePositive?
We welcome charity involvement! Please email us at with a short description of what your charity is all about!

Charity Partners

NAMI – National Alliance Mentally Ill
BC2M – Bring Change 2 Mind
CABF – Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
EADDL – Epilepsy Awareness Day Disneyland
NBTS – National Brain Tumor Society Southern California
Heroes of Hope Race for Brain Tumor
1st Candle
Susan G. Koman for the Cure
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer LA and NY
PP – Planned Parenthood
DIL – Development in Learning
Shane’s Inspiration
CLAW – Los Angeles Women’s Arm Wrestling
American Family Pet EXPO
United in Harmony
Dream Prom
Julia Ann Singer / Vista Del Mar
Mitzvah Project
It’s all about the Kids Foundation