ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE – don’t be so hard on yourself – we are used to comparing ourselves to others and it is in these comparisons the feelings of inadequacy arise, of worthlessness, of fear, of lack of… (STOP… don’t fill in your negative thoughts anymore) You are enough as you are.

We are all different…all process and experience the world in our own way, however we are conditioned from an early age to “color between the lines” or “fit in the box” – do what everyone else does so as not to stand out and be different. In past years, integrity; honesty; compassion; creative exploration; individuality were not emphasized as much as A’s; preschool to college acceptances; and being “good” children. Yet trying to be someone else and ignoring or suppressing our true self will leave us searching for answers. Accepting our strengths, limitations, likes, fears, desires, quirks…allows us to be true to ourselves and is freeing. When you start accepting yourself, others will too!

“The 1st step to happiness is accepting yourself” -Steven G.


Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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