On July 17th everyone looked forward to a night of laughter, and…tumors? Sounds odd but the pairing works quite well for NETumor Humor.

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NETumor Humor is an annual comedy benefit and raffle based out of Los Angeles on a mission to aid research and awareness of Carcinoid/NeuroEndocrine Tumor (NET) Cancer through comedy. NET Cancer requires a different treatment than your ol’ everyday run-of-the-mill cancer and could look like other cancers but a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis could be deadly to a patient with NET Cancer. In light of the high rate of misdiagnosis, stand-up comedian Andie Bolt took on the task of raising awareness through the only way she knew how: comedy. As the tagline of NETumorHumor.com reads, “If you’re laughing about it, you’re talking about it.”

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In the past NETumor Humor put on stand-up comedy shows to raise awareness but now Andie has been in production on a full length feature documentary: The Road to Azeroth, inspired by her mother who is a NET patient and her love of World of Warcraft. Terry (her mother) uses the game as a tool to cope with fighting this rare cancer and Andie copes by telling jokes about it. Over the last year Andie has been documenting Terry knocking out her bucket list which also included her mom doing stand up for the first time. So Andie merged the two! July 17th they teamed up with Nerdist and Meltdown Comics to host a comedy show featuring Chris Hardwick, Greg Fitzsimmons, Fortune Feimster, Adam Ray, Andie Bolt and Terry Bolt. With an appearance by the 2 time talent show BlizzCon champs the epically awesome band, Song Hammer.

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This documentary “Road to Azeroth” Directed by Andie Bolt, produced by Red Bolt Films and Nerdist industries is about Andie Bolt’s mother and her journey to crossing the last three things off of her bucket list: publish a novel, perform stand up comedy and attending BlizzCon in full cos-play. A convention that hosts a large number of gamers and Blizzard fans. Although the story was first conceived as a way to tell Terry’s story it shortly became a story for those who are not only dealing with NET Cancer but how people all over the world use games as a way to cope with hardship or loss.

From RoadtoAzeroth.com Andie Bolt writes, “I met a man who played WoW with his son while he was losing the battle to brain tumors. He read me a poem about the moment he felt his son’s life leave his body as he held him…In that moment I realized: I can’t just bang a project together…I better tell their stories right…[We] want to do justice to everyone’s lives and memories by giving the film the polish it deserves…There are just too many people who relate to my family’s story, and I wanna tell their stories right.”

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Enjoy some photos from that night. We hope you’ll follow the links below to NETumor Humor’s website, Road to Azeroth and find out a little bit more about how comedy fights cancer. To see or download the images from the evening click here!


The Road to Azeroth


Wildland Firefighter Foundation


Cedar Sinai – special link to be added soon, set up by Cedar Sinai to donate to NETumorHumor and Terry Bolt!



Choose 2BePositive™

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation


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