Charlie John Cash was born on 2/27/13 via EXIT procedure. He has an undiagnosed syndrome and is still currently residing in the NICU. I feel blessed to have met another amazing family. Thank you Jerrica and Owen for connecting us. Jerrica, you are a beacon of strength to all who know you, and Owen, you are quite simply the happiest baby I have ever met, what a role model you are for your little buddy Charlie!Alina and Brandon, thank you for opening your home and your hearts and trusting me with your family. Charlie, I’m so glad you made it out of PICU to meet me. What a great Christmas gift you gave your family! Kayden and Cameron – you are very special big brothers and Charlie is lucky to have you guys!

Charlie’s 1st birthday is coming up, and so is his next big surgery. I have set up a GiveForward fundraising page to help Charlie’s family with all the expenses that they face, and to help celebrate all 3 boys birthdays in the next couple of months. Most people cannot begin to imagine what it might be like to raise a child with special needs, let alone comprehend of the kinds of medical conditions that Charlie has faced. “Charlie was partially delivered for 23 minutes before his ENT Dr. secured his airway” …and then proceeded to have a 7hr surgery … and that was day 1! You can read more about Charlie’s Epic Journey here.Do you ever just stop and appreciate how special life is? That it shouldn’t be taken for granted? That you should really appreciate everything…even the little things, especially the little things. Don’t wait for a momentous occasion to celebrate; feel gratitude or acknowledge something or someone. Be grateful for what you have right now.Please take a moment to think about Charlie’s family, and how positive and grateful they are. Click on the link, and help make this difficult time a little easier for Charlie and his family.


by Alina:
We’ve had an entire year of absolute chaos, constant worry, sleepless nights and most of all adjusting to this new crazy normal we call our LIFE! Along our journey we have met some of the most caring, genuine and kind hearted people. Charlie was born on Feb 27th and spent the 1st 8 months of his life as an inpatient in the hospital. During the majority of 2013 our sweet baby endured surgery after surgery. For our family to have photos taken was SO much more than just a picture. To me it symbolized how far we have come and how blessed we are. We may have all given up a little or a lot of something but gained so much more along the way. Meeting Keren through a fellow PICU mom was the chance of a lifetime. To sit with someone who, in a sense, speaks the same language was so comforting. There was no need to explain my son’s differences or his medical equipment. I can’t even begin to explain the sense of relief I felt. I’ll forever display these beautiful photos and it’ll be a constant reminder of love, peace, happiness and strength



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  1. Cynthia Carrington

    I feel like I know Charlie.l always ask my sister Heather who was one of his nurses about him.She loves him so much and I admire his strength for all he has endured and still is always happy and smiling. Keep on fighting Charlie. I am praying for you Charlie.


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