It is my goal, through photography and Life Happens – Choose 2bepositive™ to help empower each person to be true; to find the strength within; to handle life with grace; to pursue passion, and to learn what happiness and being positive means.

My wish is to bring a little happiness to other people’s lives who are  going through a difficult time. It saddens me that in order to enjoy something or to feel better (physically, emotionally, and mentally) it usually comes with a price tag. I know that every person can make a difference and I intend to do just that!

In 1997, my friend Mike Young was paralyzed during an accident in the middle of a motocross championship race.  I have only known Mike a couple of years. He works hard at staying positive and inspiring other young racers who have had accidents, yet I have come to see how hard he struggles to find the balance by not competing in racing and experiencing a physically active life, together with his financial and ongoing physical complications. Mike let me know recently how badly he wants to be able to “hit the dirt” in adaptive equipment – an amazing Off Road Handcycle, but that it is unfortunately too expensive.

So I have chosen to celebrate my birthday (Jan 3rd) by receiving the best gift I can think of – to see Mike motivated again, and fulfill his passion to be outdoors, explore, race and compete. I decided not to have a party and in lieu of presents, I would like to ask if friends and family can help me give Mike a special gift!

IMG_4685IMG_6400Life happens – choose 2bepositive™ is about sharing stories to both educate and break stigmas, and remind people they are not alone…that there is support out there from people who know 1st hand what they are going through. 2bepositive™ is about inspiring others and being inspired… it’s about helping and being helped, sharing, caring, compassion and kindness.

GivingForward is a wonderful medically based fundraising organization and I am thrilled to be working with them. I have set up a page directly for Mike with the intention of purchasing the hand cycle chair for him…with your help! Please click this link to donate, and check back soon for Mike’s blog post about the day that changed his life forever.

Be grateful for what you DO have…don’t dwell on what you DON’T have. Pay it forward!

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