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We are unique individuals…yet we insist on “copying” what others think / do / say / believe…to be like everyone else…Why?

Too often we fall into societies patterns of “thats what you’re supposed to do” or “this is what it means” or “it has to be done this way”. Many people gravitate towards these laid out guidelines because they feel safe or because it’s easy, or just because they always have…without thought. And if it works for them, then it works for them, but it is important to realize it doesn’t work for everyone and nobody should be judged, criticized or labeled because of it. Perhaps they have never stopped to think if it makes sense, or how another might see the situation or if that is even what they want. Sometimes worrying about what others might think or say about them keeps them from doing what they wish they could do. Yet others who make other choices are seen to be “different”. (please note, I’m talking about conscious choices not to just do whatever everyone else does as opposed to extreme behaviors which might be of concern) and yes everyone IS different and that is a good thing :)

But once we realize that what works for one person, doesn’t work for another…and it doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, we are able to appreciate the many choices out there, we can be more tolerant and understanding of others. We can respect each person’s choices and realize we too have choices.

Some people do not have the ability to sit and watch the leaves fall off the tree. Some don’t want to. Some don’t like to. Others may not understand why anyone would just sit there…and for me (and Snoopy and many others) it is so beautiful to just sit, watch and appreciate.

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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