Owen“Life is full of bumps,”….”the roller coaster of life is bumpy,”…..”the road of life has many twists and turns, ups and downs,”

These words describe what happens in life and people say these anecdotes to one another sometimes to try to comprehend “what life has to offer us” or to dismiss the reality of what some people go through and live with on a daily basis.

I have been made aware of The Revay family, who have been on this roller coaster since June 28, 2012; the day Hudson and Owen were born. Life changed radically for this young couple that were already proud parents to Khloe (she’s now 3 years old) and now proud parents to two very small twin boys who were in need of assistance and medical intervention. The roller coaster went bump!

The twins were alive, they were in the NICU and unbeknownst to Joey and Jerrica this was just the start of their stay at the different intensive care units within the hospital. My words cannot tell a better version than those of Jerrica herself. I recommend reading her personal blog and it will describe in detail the events that follow.


I have read and observed many of these events and I have seen a family struggle, get better, struggle, get better, and struggle some more and wonder how many blows can these people absorb??? Somehow they do. Somehow they smile, they worry about the misfortune of others, try to help others when they struggle to get by and they smile and are happy and they love their children fiercely! This road of life that they are on is jam packed full of twists and turns, ups and downs and enormous pot holes. It has shoved life lessons down their throats that normally would take a lifetime for most of us to learn; they have done it all in 16 months and raised a family. We sometimes forget that Owen has a twin brother Hudson and an older sister Khloe who need their Mother and Father as well. This family struggles and yet they do not ask for help, they do not ask for money, they say they are fine and that they will get by…..and they have for the most part.

Family is very important to Jerrica and Joey and their family has helped where they can. I and many others have thought about and asked ourselves, “How can I help?” Jerrica and Joey are very proud and very independent people; they do not want to be recipients of help, they want to help others. John Donne wrote that “No man is an island, entire of itself,” and I would like to change that to read “No Family is an island, entire of itself,” and so decided to take the time to assist this family, hopefully, by bringing others together with the very same feelings and concerns and GIVE these people some hope. Hope and support. Hope that this too shall pass and support in all its forms to help them along the way. They will know that they are not alone. That people do care and if these caring individuals cannot give The Revay Family time, then they can help with the harsher realities of life and assist them financially and help them get by. Help them afford the services that are required for Owen’s care, help them afford the gas to go back and forth to the hospital…basically just help them get by as they have to deal with yet another serious surgery for Owen.

The “stuff” of life that so many of us take for granted and never even think about, the thought of “Will my child make it through this next surgery,” or “Can I go out without taking a trunk load of medical equipment and oxygen bottles,” or “My child is running a fever will I have to perform CPR on him again tonight and have him rushed to the Intensive Care Unit again,” or “Will I have to leave my newborn son and 2 year old daughter again today so I can go and be with my other newborn son and watch as he clings to life again today,” …… the list goes on. Next time you pack up the kids and just head out the door, remember there are others who can’t “just do” that simple thing, that taking a shower without extreme worry is a big deal!! And so, while we take for granted what life has to offer please remember that there are many people out there, The Revay Family among them, who are not afforded that opportunity or luxury; life for them is much more REALISTIC than many of us could handle let alone comprehend. If you look to help those people who are in need, then this family, The Revay Family, are more than deserving of your attention. I thank them for showing me what is important in life, for helping me grow and learn as a person; I can only hope that if I were in their shoes that I could do half so well.

If you would be so kind please click this link and go to The Revay Family donation page that has been created to assist this family on their road through life. Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts From a Friend Who Cares

  1. jodi stevens

    i have followed jerrica an joey though this for quite some some time. joey is my cousin, an couldn’t have found a better wife. she has so much class, an handles heartbreak with hope and god. loves deeply gives gredit to everyone but herself. her children come 1st. their life 2nd. i adore owen and hudson an kloe is a double of mom. if anyone deserves happiness an good health for owen its them. may god watch over them. lol oxoxoxoxo


  2. Tammi Forman

    I read about your beatiful family on 2be positive and wanted to write to you.Your love for your children is a beautiful and inspiring thing. May Owen be blessed with a successful operation and a speedy and complete recovery. May he continue to bring you much joy. May you be blessed with enough energy and strength to see you through this trying time and sufficient to look after “you” too. With love Tammi


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