by: Sylvie & Binky

Photography by Keren Lynn Photography

Binky is 6 ish :)

She was saved from a shelter and would probably not have been noticed by the rescuer if she had 4 legs.

She was about one when Jon ( my husband ) and I adopted her.

She was scooting on her chest at the time and Jon was determined to build wheels for her. So after a few trials and 4 sets of fancy rigs and the help of Cesar Millan (she was on 2 episodes) she finally enjoys running and smelling the bushes.

She has inspired me after I had to learn to walk again after brain surgery in 2012 .

She is a determined little girl who has found her voice and now barks orders when she wants to make a point. What a change from the scared little dog we once had!

She is also into acting LOL and will be on a Webseries “Moonbound 24″ shooting this month.

Every Halloween Binky gets dressed up and sometimes wins a Halloween contest , she is a good dog and has been known to give up her prize to a runner up.

Binky has visited her grand parents in Italy twice and has shown the world, well mostly Italians, that there is no disability that can stop a dog or a human.


She wakes up with a smile on her face daily and makes me smile regardless of what the day brings.

Be well and have a happy day,
Love Sylvie and Binky

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♥ Thank you Sylvie and Binky – you are the “Super-hero team” without a doubt!

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xo – kerenlynn

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