Strength~ written by Steven

Strength is such an interesting word. It’s interpreted in so many different ways. When I was a kid, I would probably think of a movie like 300 that I wasn’t supposed to see yet because the Spartans were strong. But I don’t recall asking myself why I thought they were strong. Thinking back on it, the obvious answer was that they can fight an entire army with 300 men, but that isn’t why they were strong. The Spartans were strong because they overcame any obstacle in their way. No matter what happened to them, they would never, ever, stop fighting. This is why I chose the word strength.

When my hand was cut, it hurt, a lot. But I survived. I struggled and fought and I won. I had the strength to overcome the many hurdles thrown at me. This doesn’t just define what happened to my arm, this defines my life. My scar is just one more thing that I have overcome and it serves as a reminder of my strength every day.

Now, I will tell you how it all happened. It wasn’t some crazy street fight or an injury from climbing a mountain; it was a result of my inability to control myself. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and it was something I struggled with every day of my life. During an episode one day, I punched a window which promptly shattered and proceeded to give me this scar.


After the accident, my arm was in a cast and then a sling for quite a while as I cut a nerve and 2 tendons. Because of this, I was unable to feel my entire right hand and writing essays was more of a pain then they should be. Over the course of these last 5 years, I have slowly regained most of the feeling in my hand due to the expertise of the surgeons who performed my surgery, however, these were not a kind 5 years. Everything became a challenge, from getting dressed to doing schoolwork. I struggled a lot, but I never gave up. I had the strength to keep fighting no matter how much my hand hurt. No matter how hopeless it seemed, I never stopped fighting.

Today, I still can’t feel my fingertips, but I have full functionality of my hand. I also have not had a bipolar episode in many years. I am an A+ student with a thriving and successful life. I had the strength to get where I am today, and I have the strength to stay here. No matter what comes my way, I will overcome it. No matter what tries to bring me down, I will not be hindered. My life is my own and I will live it with strength. This is what my scar means to me.

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xo -kl

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