Couldn’t wait to get off the plane for my pre-weekend interview with Josie, the energetic and divine sister, of the Golden Sisters, separate from her usual crew. The Golden Sisters rose to fame after filming their laugh-out-loud video of their perplexed, yet horrified reaction to North West’s mom venturing…south of the border.

I fell in love with Josie when she said she needed a brush-up lesson on ‘twerking’ prior to entering the limo on their way to a video shoot promoting the new Despicable Me movie. “This boy, THarell, wants US to be in his next video. He apparently is a BIG DEAL.” I looked at Keren and said, “does she mean who I think she means…??” We discovered, that yes, indeed the Golden Sisters were going to get their “twerk on” first with Jimmy Kimmel and then with my producer hero, PHarrell. I hope our parking lot step-by-step twerk session proved to be Dancing with the Stars worthy.

These charismatic sisters, along with 2BePositive, are joining forces to #EmpowerCourtney to #StandUp. Join us on Saturday, Sept. 21, to give real meaning to this bizarre phenomenon:


T – to

W – win

E – every

R – race


K – Kardashians


Because of you, Kim Kardashian, the Golden Sisters are shining bright, and they have brought along their tribe to join forces with a new community. Here’s to the power of the wiser, sexier generation.

2BePositive: Everyone plays a role in helping lift each other up.

We love you, COURTNEY. You helped us all see why we must make EACH DAY COUNT and NEVER GIVE UP.


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Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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