I am not what I have done but what I have overcome

Courtney Jones (23) was critically injured in a motorcycle accident in February. Due to an infection in her stomach, the Dr’s had to amputate both her legs in order to save her life. Courtney epitomizes COURAGE. I didn’t know Courtney until her best friend Caroline (a remarkable person herself) called me to ask if I could photograph the first fundraiser she was organizing. Courtney spent 5 months in ICU at UCLA (thank you to the incredible staff especially Dr. Cryer) and 1 month in rehab.

 Encourage Courtney

After the first time you photographed me, you helped me realize that I am still beautiful. Since I used to be so comfortable in front of the camera to begin with, it meant a whole lot to me that you made me feel ok again in front of one. After my accident, having my head shaved and of course having lost my legs, you can see how it would be hard to feel beautiful again. Honestly, you really did make a difference to making me feel good.


You have a beautiful personality and a beautiful spirit and you really are so positive! I’m glad that you were brought into my life and I know we will be friends for a very long time.


Hopefully we can do another photoshoot one day so you can capture me again and another beautiful moment in my life.


My family of course feels the same way about you. They’re more than grateful that I have met someone who can help keep me positive in such a horrible time in my life. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep doing what you’re doing. You made an amazing difference in my life and I know you can and will do in many others.

Encourage Courtney

How can I not be inspired to do what I do when I meet such strong, positive, courageous people like Courtney. It means so much to me to see how she is able to appreciate life as it is, to know that her accident does not define her, and for me to know that I have an opportunity to empower Courtney to see herself differently.

This Saturday, Sept 21, The Golden SistersMichelangelo Hair House and 2BePositive will be holding a BakeSale – EmPower Courtney Campaign – from 9-5 at Michelangelo Hair House 19710 Ventura Blvd, #101, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. The goal is to raise the money to buy 2 prosthetic legs for Courtney. We appreciate your online donations. Let’s join together to help her get back on her feet! Courtney will be at the event, and is eager to share her story and show her appreciative for the support she has received from the community and anonymous donors – it just reinforces that each person does make a difference.

Encourage Courtney

Seeing the determination and courage in Courtney is a beautiful reminder to all of us that no matter what happens in life, we can choose to be positive. It is so important not to assume or judge in life. Instead be curious, encourage people to approach one another and ask questions in order to understand and learn compassion. I am able to connect with others and help them be more comfortable with who they are. This ability lies at the foundation of 2BePositive and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to inspire children and adults who are willing to embrace their differences and share their stories through therapeutic photo-shoots in order to gain insight, self-esteem, strength and help other’s heal, connect, and break stigmas.

Encourage Courtney

If you would like to tell your story, I would like to help you share it. I look forward to receiving your email at keren@2bepositive.com and please leave a message for Courtney to show her your support.

Thank you Courtney for coming into my life.

With respect and admiration for your strength, courage and compassion,

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

3 thoughts on “Courageous Courtney

  1. Ryan

    You go Courtney! I am so impressed by you and I want you to know that starting now, I am going to aspire to have as much courage as you. Thank you for inspiring me to have courage in my life.


  2. Nellie Nasiff

    I found Courtney’s story as I was looking through medical fundraisers on fund me, we are also in the process of doing a fundraiser for my niece ” Kourtney Lynn ” who last Sunday was also in a devastating motorcycle accident…she is in the hospital, has already had five surgeries , and has many more to endure, her injuries to her legs and hand are devastating, she has been very blessed with wonderful surgeons who are slowly putting her back together, she was also a passenger, and as of yet does not know her friend Pete passed away from his injuries… I was so stunned by the simularities, that I couldn’t help read about Courtney and her brave fight…two beautiful girls with so much to give,and a beautiful life ahead of them…I would love to know if there is any way of contacting Courtney. So that I can see if her inspiring story will help give my niece a small look into the future, that she too can get through this..prayers for continued healing… Nellie


    1. kerenlynn Post author

      Nellie, I’m sorry to hear what your family is going through. I will absolutely have Courtney contact you – that is the purpose of 2BePositive blog – for people to share stories and connect with each other and offer support. Sending strength your way xo-kl


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