Unless you have an annual pass to Disneyland (which I do), most locals end up going when they have out of town visitors. I realized while I was people watching, that despite the fact everyone comes to Disneyland to enjoy different parts of the same experience, it seemed most people were either in their own world or complaining that they were not having as much fun as they should be! It made me wonder how many people truly chose to be there!

My son made an interesting observation:

There’s more people that are older, like your age (that’s ok, at least he didn’t say middle-aged) and they are here without kids…and they are the happiest


That’s the part that I was thinking about, as I do every time I walk through the “magical gates” wondering if visitors were expecting Tinkerbell’s Pixie Dust to transform their day. Yet it was true, the majority of people did not seem happy. I’m sure the heat of the day played a part, but what about the “E” word as we call it in our house. Expectations. How many times have we all heard...

“it’s Disneyland - the Happiest place on Earth! “You’re gonna have sooo much fun…it’s amaaaazing….we have been waiting the whole year…your cousins will be there…we are going to go on every ride…we’ll be the 1st ones in the park and the last ones to leave…I’d sleep there if I could… now remember, we’re not here to buy toys – there’s a lot to see and we paid a lot of money…”


“Fantasy meets reality.” There can only be disappointment when you expect, because all too often what you have in your mind is the “ideal” or (eek yes I’ll say it) perfect situation. You end up putting what you want (expect) onto others, and not taking their needs into consideration. For example, you may have an endless supply of energy, you thrive on the excitement and the energy of other people and are genuinely excited to share this with your visiting family. The day finally arrives..you forgot the park opened an hour early for hotel guests so there are already lines, and it’s the last day before the blackout dates for annual passholder’s, so it’s extra crowded. No worries, everyone is together and this is gonna be awesome! Or not…

*Your brother-in-law is gluten intolerant (oh really?…thats new!) and Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel is the best place…of course it’s the opposite side; your sister doesn’t want to go on 1/2 the rides; your daughter is getting annoyed as she just wants to hug her cousin who apparently doesn’t like being touched (sensory something or other..they shouldn’t spoil her so much ). It’s only 1pm and their son wants to leave…whaaaaat!!! Ridiculous – who leaves Disneyland in the middle of the day?
We need to listen (and hear) each other and respect each other’s needs. We can’t take our experiences –  from the wonderful ones to the fears – and apply them to others. We all have different ways of experiencing, coping, enjoying, reacting and learning, which makes us ALL different. Expecting, as I see it is wanting, so to me the opposite, is appreciating. If we can appreciate what we have, when we have it, we will be content with whatever comes our way.

That said…let the child within your heart live forever. If you love Disneyland (like I do) don’t let it stop you.  Get your Mickey ears, go have fun and post a photo on the 2bepositive facebook page! Who knows maybe we’ll have a Positive People Party down Main Street :)

*I don’t have a brother-in-law or a daughter for that matter, but I do have a creative imagination… most of my family IS gluten intolerant and that includes me… fyi Goofy’s Kitchen has a great gluten free brunch and the chef is super accommodating; sensory integration is very real…nothing to do with “spoiled”…and I am fine leaving anywhere anytime, happy to have had the time I did.
BTW always have hope because everything changes…my son chose to go to Disneyland - it’s his 2nd time ever, and he cannot wait to go back after blackout dates from August 19th! oh and just incase you’re wondering…he went on all the roller-coasters and we stayed until 7pm ;)

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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