“Have a good life” I heard her say.  I was standing in line at the optical department at Costco…uploading to my Instagram, and I looked up to see an older woman speaking to a teenager.


“I can help number 10″ an employee said. I was holding the little pink tab numbered 11. Oh great, not too much longer I thought.

“You know why I say have a good life?” she asked him. Now I was curious. I love to hear wise words of experience. “Because if you say have a good day, then it’s only one day, but if you say have a good life that covers every day, and I would like every day to be a good day for you.”  and she smiled at me and walked off.

Oh I just wanted to hug her!  My number was going to be called next…I had been waiting a while…but I had a choice to make, and actually it took all of 5 seconds. I could stand in line again, but I would never get this moment back  to talk to her.

I had the privilege of spending 20 minutes with …as she said “Bosh – just Bosh, it’s what my friends call me”  Age is a number,  and attitude is everything. Bosh is 85! 

What a beautiful person I met when I followed my heart to talk to a stranger. I initially approached her to tell her that what she said was so special, and to thank her, but I received a whole lot more. After 20 minutes, Bosh reached into her purse, and pulled out a hand-written note.  “Because you are you,” she said to me ” I would like to give you my personal Creed.  I know it by heart because I wrote it.  I wish more people could live life this way. I want you to have it, and to share it. I know you will, and I know you feel the same way.

So, I am writing this post and asking that you too help spread Bosh’s Creed:

Let me bestow a kindness to someone each day of my life – be it a simple smile, a gentle touch; whatever is needed for that moment. Let me not ignore someone in need – do not wait for the asking of help, but give from your heart on seeing the need, and be grateful you are the giver and bless the receiver of your gesture. -

With respect, love and kindness

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

One thought on “Have a Good Life

  1. Danielle

    This makes life beautiful, tears flowing, good tears, but its awesome to know there are still some great natured indivuduals amongst us. Miss you! Xoxi
    thanks For sharing


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