Caroline contacted me in February and explained about her best friend’s critical motorcycle accident and the bake sale she was organizing at her work-Michelangelo Hair House, and asked if I would volunteer my time to photograph the weekend… and that’s how we became friends. I am amazed by both these young women. Caroline raised over $8000 at the bake sale, but more importantly the weekend was about strangers coming together as a community, to help someone they didn’t even know. I had the opportunity to learn what a special family Courtney has.Courtney Jones is an aspiring model and an active member of the 1916 Motorcycle and Car Club, co-founded by her parents, a group which produces numerous events each year to help benefit  local charities. Courtney has participated in each of these events, working side by side with her parents Sabina and Chris. Courtney Jones is probably the most positive, optimistic 23 year old I have come to know.  Her motorcycle accident on Sunday February 17, 2013 left her with life threatening injuries.  Although she has made a miraculous recovery,  the doctors at UCLA had no choice but to amputate both of her legs in order to save her life. Courtney has many challenges to face in recovering from this life altering accident, her greatest challenge will be overcoming the loss of her legs, and she is determined to do just that!
One can only imagine the long term financial consequences for Courtney and her family –  they need our help. The medical bills are enormous, prosthetic costs, physical therapy, home alteration, transportation, etc are just some of the many expenses. Any and all help is appreciated. Every dollar counts and every prayer helps, please spread the message, and let’s do all we can to help Courtney.David Givens, co-founder of 1916 MC/CC is organizing COURTNEY’S RIDE a benefit Motorcycle and Car show this Saturday.

David Givens, co-founder of 1916 MC/CC is organizing COURTNEY’S RIDE a benefit Motorcycle and Car show this Saturday. The location is Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson, 7688 Indiana Avenue, Riverside, CA. Date: July 27th, 2013 Time: 9am-3pm.
Jeff asks :  aside from cash donations, hrough,  we are currently seeking any  automotive/motorcycle paint and body shops, parts suppliers, etc. to help with a few motorcycle and car projects that have been donated to the Courtney Jones Wellness Fund. Once the projects are completed, these vehicles will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to Courtney and her family. In addition to the fundraisers that have already occurred we have many upcoming events, anyone willing to donate products or services in support of these events please contact David Givens at 100% of all donations go directly to Courtney Jones and her family. You can contact Courtney Jones on facebook and show your support.

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