perspectiveSometimes it takes a visual example to get an idea across. Can you look but not judge? Can you see but not react?  We were talking about how people view things differently, and the need to be compassionate and respectful, open-minded and understanding of other people’s views, yet not let someone push you off your path if what you feel in your heart / gut is strong. The timing of course was perfect as I showed her this super smart “bicycle parking lot”, at Cafe Gratitude

perspective-How many times have you reacted to something only to find out you way over-reacted and jumped to conclusions? What if you could try to see or hear first; find out the facts; process; separate your emotional attachment and personal issues and then come to a more appropriate understanding of the situation?
-Too often situations are taken out of context. Parts of conversations are retold, perhaps inaccurately or perhaps truthfully but since the before and after are not included, people “fill-in” what they want or think to be real, creating the beginnings of problems.
-People’s emotions are not accounted for, their personal experiences, fears, accomplishments, tolerances, thereby creating unnecessary issues.
A quick glance at these photos might have you “assume” something very different from the reality, which is an example of perspective and judging. How do you choose to see them? The bicycle rack is vertical. Allegra is standing upright against the wall (laughing in between shots mind you, and at no point lay down on the ground) while I bent over to take the shot. In one photo, I simply flipped the image so essentially the bikes are on their side!Stay true to yourself. Keep your mind open, don’t judge, don’t assume, listen to your “feelings” – what do you hear?

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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