scarMy scar makes me happy. That could sound strange to a lot of people, but it’s the truth. Like the stem of a flower, it keeps me grounded and growing. It represents the most challenging hurdle I’ve faced: Crohn’s Disease. I understood that even in the depths of survival, if I had a positive attitude, I could do anything. I don’t choose to attach my scar to painful memories anymore. I choose to see the scar pointing upwards, as my own personal “yad”, guiding me to a higher level of understanding. Why we’re all here—to love, help, and accept each other, to lean on each other in tough times and support each other in the best times.

We all have a story and can learn from one another ways of smiling through our most difficult of life experiences. Within each unique story is a lesson of incorporating the same key ingredient – positivity.

This is me exposed. And I’m cool with that. Because the more we expose our true self, we’re another step closer to realizing how much more we have in common. And discover that true perfection lies in our imperfections.

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