by: Steven (age 15)

No one understands. No one can help. Here I am crying in silence, lost in a world of my own creation.  I stay here all day and night, but there is no difference. Time passes indistinctly; a blur of suffering and agony.  The only emotions to be found here are anger and sadness. There is no end to my tears, I cannot break free. I have tried before, only to be rejected by this uncontrollable mind of mine. I am trapped. I have longed to experience the world around me through my own eyes and my own thoughts; not this imposter’s head. He seeks only to hurt and keeps me imprisoned. I cannot escape his rule.


Yet one day, a strange light had appeared. It grew brighter and brighter until I had to shield my eyes. The bleak, dark skies parted to reveal a shining sun. The blackened earth suddenly sprouted entire fields of plants. Animals came out from nowhere it seemed. But my eyes were drawn to something else entirely. There were people; real human beings. I had never seen them before and they reached out to me. Slowly I grasped their hand and they pulled me out of my miserable little world into the real world.

So happy was I that I did not realize that not all of people were the same. Some would seek to hurt me, while others tried to help. As I ventured deeper into this world, my pain had taken new forms. I was hurt by others deceit and cruelty. But now I had something else, there was no longer just pain. Happiness and joy fought back against this negativity and I was not alone. My family stood by my side every step of the way and I realized that they had always been there, I just never saw them. So as I live my life and continue to learn, I will never forget where I was and what I accomplished. I am no longer scared and miserable, I am confident. I am wise.  I am kind. I am honest. I am forgiving. I am generous. I am empathetic and I am loved. My name is Steven, and this is my metamorphosis.


Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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