Spotless Future

I think we all know how difficult it is to match the way we feel about ourselves on the inside with the outside. It is easy to fix our hair and makeup, wear nice clothes, dress a certain way…but it only goes so far if you know on the inside that is not how you feel at all. My goal is to help people feel stronger, healthier, happier on the inside, to help guide others to free themselves of their limitations through therapeutic photo sessions, inspirational images, connecting through personal experiences and products.

This is from a woman who ‘looks’ very beautiful on the outside, who others judge as gorgeous and lucky to have the body “they” see… so you see, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what you feel about yourself on the inside.

For as long as I can remember I have never felt comfortable with my body. I struggled so profoundly with body image I ended up in treatment for an eating disorder in my early 20′s. The prospect of working with Keren was one of the most anxiety-producing decisions I have ever made! Her talent as a photographer is unmatched: There is absolutely no question about that. But it was only because of her encouragement, her sensitivity, her enthusiasm for her work and her clear love of and respect for the people she works with that enabled me to give this a try. And here I am: in my 40′s with three kids under my belt and carrying decades’ worth of self-doubt posing for her like I’ve been modeling lingerie my whole life. With each photo shoot I get a little more comfortable, a little less inhibited and a lot more appreciative of not just my body but of myself. The pictures are magnificent, but it’s the experience that I am the most grateful for. When I look in the mirror, confidence, acceptance, and dare I say pride in the person I am looks back at me.  The words thank you don’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for what you’ve helped me become, Keren! Just promise me you won’t ever stop doing what you do.

The message seems simple… Life happens – choose 2bepositive…but not everyone knows how, so perhaps with guidance and support, more people can choose 2bepositive. We would love to hear your personal story on how you coped  / chose 2bepositive through a difficult time in your life. Please email me at and I will respond to every email. With appreciation for sharing your story.

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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