Morse Code Day

.-.. .. ..-. . / …. .- .–. .–. . -. … / -….- / -.-. …. — — … . / ..— -… . .–. — … .. – .. …- . which is morse code for Life happens – choose 2bepositive

Have you ever thought about all the different forms of communication and how they might differ in each person? Like with most things in life, people are not truly aware of what’s available or needed in a specific area until they are impacted in that area, which includes me too of course, but I get very excited to learn what’s available to empower each person to grow, make choices, become more independent and successful. We all have skills that come easier to us than others and we shouldn’t take those for granted, however we also all have areas where we need to practice and develop and sometimes learn from the beginning…and that’s great to acknowledge. Sometimes people ask me how I can look at it that way?Why isn’t it a bad thing or a deficit or something a person will never be able to do? What if they are born that way or can’t help it?

I look at life simply actually, the more difficult part is not knowing, but once you know what that area is…you actually have choices. There is always something you can do…to better yourself – not be like everyone else – that’s not what I’m suggesting. I look at how a person can be the best “them” possible. What would be most helpful or beneficial tools, techniques, skills, lifestyle, adaptations, equipment, for happiness, independence, success, growth, and then one can set out to find the help / support / experts / education etc to get there. I often hear….I don’t have the money…it’ll take forever…it’s so hard.

Yes, those may be true but they are also CHOICES. If you are looking for easy answers and quick fixes you won’t be happy because life rarely works that way. We don’t always like the way life “works” but it is part of who we are to choose to be flexible, and adapt to different situations… many of which we were taught to believe were not possible or acceptable or good. If we could appreciate what we have, work on what we would like to strengthen and improve on, in areas we need to grow in (of course one has to accept first) and help support others based on their needs not your desires, we would all be in a much better place.

There are incredible resources available, and sharing personal stories, links, websites, experience can only help others. Morse code has been employed as an assistive technology, helping people with a variety of disabilities to communicate. Morse can be sent by persons with severe motion disabilities, as long as they have some minimal motor control. In one case reported in the radio amateur magazine QST, an old shipboard radio operator who had a stroke and lost the ability to speak or write could communicate with his physician (a radio amateur) by blinking his eyes in Morse.

Life happens – choose 2bepositive™

xo -kl

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