“Courage is found in unlikely places” - J.R.R. Tolkien

…for a person to find positivity in difficult times… that’s true courage.

Can you think of one person that you have known in your life who ALWAYS has a smile on their face? Hayley was such a person. No matter what health issues Hayley faced, I recall her all through high school and later when we reconnected as a truly inspirational, positive and appreciative person.
Hayley’s brother shared this yesterday and when I asked if I could post it, he said it would be what she would want…for people to just appreciate everything they have.
I was sent a snippet from an e-mail from a friend of Hayley’s a while back, that can hopefully give us all a little wake up call about the ridiculous things we complain about everyday.

This was in October 2009…She got worse physically but her attitude never changed!
“I had a hip replacement in march and got a blood disease and landed up in a coma on life support with a 15% chance of living – the power of prayer definitely got me through – am now in a wheelchair after 6 months in hospital and am slowly learning to walk – have put on 100 pounds and am a beautiful site…. but i am alive. So nu, I am living in Toronto and loving it – have the perfect life – my bedroom is always full of friends and food and what more could a girl want.”
Perhaps we can use this message to look at our lives and instead of comparing or complaining about that which we don’t have, rather have gratitude for every little thing we do have!
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