I landed at LAX not knowing what to expect for our first day of shooting the new 2BePositive campaign. Rushing into wardrobe, I was instantly put at ease by the positivity guru herself, Keren Lynn, as she pulled out my first of many looks we called, “The Happy Hippie”.

In most circumstances and because of my performing background, I’m usually pretty outgoing, comfortable and social. However, as soon as we stepped onto Santa Monica Pier, I felt a little self-conscious in my pink fishnet top and funky hippy-hat ensemble. Keren quickly stuck a big lollipop in my mouth, asked a boardwalk clown to make me a princess balloon hat, and forced me to squish my tush into a kiddie mechanical monkey car.

In less than an hour, Keren helped to expose my inner child’s sense of wonderment and imagination. It was almost as if I was a little girl again; the little girl with curly hair and zero inhibitions.

My name, Allegra, means happy. It’s how I choose to live each day. And it’s a feeling I LOVE to spread. We all have our “stuff”, the “stuff” that we sometimes wish would magically disappear.We sometimes pay attention to that silly voice in our head who whispers fear and self-doubt.

Or maybe  we’re coping with the loss of a loved one. Dealing with doctors, health insurance, relationship dramas, and every so often, an unexplainable yucky sadness that invades our thoughts for absolutely no reason.


No matter what we’re all going through, it’s always important to remember that even though each of us has our own story, we are all so much more connected than we might think. And by spreading the message of 2bepositive, we immediately give each other the boosts we need to get through our “stuff”. It’s that simple.


Thank you to the force behind the 2bepositive movement, Keren Lynn, for choosing me as your spokesperson. You have a rare gift for shining the light. You reminded me of who I am and have always been, while uncovering aspects of my soul I never knew existed.

Life happens. Choose 2bepositive.

Written by Allegra Cohen


Photography by Keren Lynn Photography
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Life happens – choose 2bepositive™


xo -kl


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